1-1 Photography Business Coaching 

1-1 Photography Business Coaching

Your roadmap to getting booked, working with ideal clients, raising your prices and running a profitable business that you love.

Is it time that you made a change?

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Do what you love (hint: photography), make money to live the lifestyle you dream of and do it all while working with clients you're obsessed with - in a healthy way of course. Imagine a life where you're not juggling the demands of a thousand mediocre clients and instead providing top notch service to your dream client. Imagine a life where you're charging prices you're confident in and know that everytime you shoot a session, it was well worth your while. Imagine a life where you're not burning the midnight oil to edit yet another session and instead spending the quality time you so desperately need with your friends and family. 

Listen, I was once where you are. Totally overwhelmed, not making enough money and never able to spend time with my family. But then I learned a better way, and it changed my life.

It's time to finally get booked with ideal clients + make real money.

You don't have to do it alone.

Struggling to book those dream clients + working with people who don't value you...sound familiar?

Struggling to book those dream clients + working with people who don't value you...sound familiar?

if you're reading this, some of these things might resonate with you...

ready for your life to change?

Here's What You Need:

consistent bookings at a higher price point

You feel like you can either book consistently at a low price point that barely covers your cost of doing business, or you raise your prices and *CRICKETS*. There's a better way. I promise.

ideal clients waiting in line to book a session with you

Clients who appreciate you will be happy to pay you every single cent that you're charging, which means you get to work less. You just have to know how to find and attract those clients.

organization on the backend of your business

You may have some processes in place, but to some extent, you're also flying by the seat of your pants. Organization will help you manage your time and create a top notch client experience.

We're going to crack the code to running a photography business  where you book consistently with the clients you're obsessed with, raise your prices, slay the client experience and streamline everything on the backend so you can stop feeling like a hot mess express already. 

1-1 Business
Coaching program


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We'll break down every piece of your biz, so you know exactly how many sessions you need to shoot per month to achieve your financial goals - and how much you need to charge per session to meet those goals.

What you'll learn:

Topic 1

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Get Booked

Want to get booked at your higher prices? We'll break down exactly how to find and attract your ideal client. From perfecting your website to posting on social media, I'll share my trade secrets on getting booked solid by the clients you'll be over the moon to work with.

Topic 2

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Client Experience

Now that you're booked solid, you need to WOW your clients with the experience you provide. And guess what?This is about so much more than buying gifts. We'll talk about every facet of providing a top-notch client experience that will have each client raving about you.

Topic 3

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Part of providing a killer client experience and maintaining order behind the scenes is having organization and workflows in place on the backend. So we'll crack the code on how exactly to make this happen in your specific business.

Topic 4






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

a calendar filled with sessions with clients you love working with

the tools you need to serve your clients exceptionally well and ensure they leave as raving fans

organization on the backend of your business to enhance your client experience and free up time for you

A workflow to implement to create consistency and take the guesswork out of what to do and when to do it

A proven formula to give you crystal clear answers on how much to charge and how many sessions you need to book

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From helping you raise your prices so that you're actually turning a profit to attracting your ideal client to slaying the client experience, we'll cover it all and tailor everything to your specific business.

Coaching Calls

At the the end of each call, I'll give you action steps to implement what we've discussed so that you actually see the needle move in your business. I'll also pass along helpful worksheets to assist you in the process!


For the duration of the coaching program, you'll have unlimited access to me via Marco Polo and email to get answers to any questions that may come up as you're upleveling your business.


How it works

“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”

- Jenni Maroney

You got into photography because you love it, and the thought of capturing people's memories exhilarated you. And now? Now you're charging barely enough to cover your cost of doing business, trying your best to manage the backend of your business, working with clients that are so-so and you're not exactly killing it in the income department. You just wish someone would tell you how to book your calendar with clients you love at prices you're worth.

You love photography. You want to raise your prices. But you also need to fill your calendar. You just want someone to tell you what works.

you're in the right place.

Be getting consistent inquiries and bookings from ideal clients.

Know exactly how many sessions/weddings you need to take on in order to meet your life and biz goals.

Be able to raise your prices, regardless of your work, because of an enhanced client experience.

Have a streamlined workflow that creates both a killer client experience and free time for yourself.

Be working less and making more money.

Know exactly how to reach and market to your ideal client.

By the end of this coaching program,
you will...

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I’m a photography educator who's passionate about teaching photographers how to find and book the right clients, charge what they're worth and slay the client experience while they're at it. Because as impossible as it may seem, you can totally do this. You just may need someone who's been there before to show you how.

When I'm not pouring my knowledge into photographers, I'm photographing the most heartfelt moments for families and new babies or spending time with my own family.

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Five years ago, I wasn't booking consistently and charging less than $200 

While I've been a photographer for nearly a decade now, I didn't make a real go for it until after my oldest son was born 6 years ago.

I was the photographer charging an embarrassing low rate for as many images as possible, and I wasn't exactly working with my dream clients to put it mildly. 

Suffice it to say, I've learned a lot over the past five years, and if I could go back, I'd do a lot of things differently.

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

This coaching program is the only one of its kind because...

It's tailored to your specific business and provides accountability

I'm no stranger to investing in courses, programs, retreats, etc. And I've learned so much because of them. The one piece that I always felt was missing, though? Someone standing by to make sure the work got done so that actual change happened in my business - not to mention the thousands of intricacies that come along with my business.

While there are tried and true steps that everyone can take to find success in their photography businesses, taking your specific goals, needs and lifestyle into account makes a huge difference in achieving it. And having someone standing by to make sure you do the work? Take it from someone who's been in your shoes - it's invaluable.

create a custom plan for your business

Get booked solid with ideal clients galore

Streamline + simplify your workflow

Follow a proven roadmap

This program includes everything you need to get booked + attract your ideal client.

Our calls can only take you so far. At the end of each call, you'll have a mini assignment to complete before our next call. Because I want you to move the needle in your business and your life. I want you to see change. I want you to achieve the life and business you dream of.

Knowing exactly how much you need to shoot and charge in order to meet your financial goals.

Filling your calendar with dream clients.

Consistently WOW-ing those dream clients with the experience you provide.

Getting organized on the backend of your business to free up time in other areas of your life.

Creating a business you're proud of.

Feeling more balanced, rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

If you want 2022 to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

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This      for you if:

you can't find enough ideal clients to fill your calendar 

you're totally booked with clients you love

you aren't making enough money

you're making more than enough money through photography

you're ready to seriously uplevel your photography business

It's probably        for you if...

you're not willing to do the work



Let's do this thing.


When will we start?

Anytime between April 15 and May 15 is fair game to start with your first call! I'll be going out on maternity leave in late June, so I want to make sure we leave ample time to wrap up before then. But I'm flexible within that time frame and want to find a time that works well for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need more help in one particular area than others?

Then we can 100% focus more on that area! Before we dive in with our first call, I'll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your goals, what you're struggling most with and where you're looking for the most guidance. From there, I'll tailor a plan specifically for you and your business!

How many spots are available?

I'm only accepting five photographers for this round of 1-1 coaching. I approach coaching in the same way I approach my photography business. What I mean by that is that I'd rather coach fewer people and be able to pour more knowledge and direction into you rather than have 15 coaching students to whom I can't give the personalized attention you deserve. Because when we wrap up coaching, I want you to see the needle being moved in your business. I can only do that if I limit how many people I take on at one time.

3 Monthly Payments of $295

oh, and a totally transformed biz + Life

Let's do it!